Change log


New features:

  • Completely new concept for file handling. Original Excel-Files are not overwritten. Including TestDataGenerator.
  • Usecount columns will show, how often qualitifed test data was selected in all test runs.
  • TestResult: if this column is in a test data sheet, we’ll write the test result of each test run (condensed) into this cell
  • Change Log: In all copied files there’s a sheet Change Log which shows per each timestamp, which changes were made to the original sheet. Incredibly helpful feature!
  • Teststeps: New comparison operators CO``ntains and ``IP (Is Part of) to compare strings


  • Great speed improvements with large files (read and write, also in remote read)
  • Teststeps: GoToURL parameter now also possible in Locator (makes more sense). Value still works fine.




  • Export (all channels): Passwords are replaced by *******
  • ELSE-Activity and nested IF/ELSE/ENDIF-Activities
  • DataFiles: Nested data structures per line item (e.g. Sales order header –> Sales order item)
  • DataFiles and TestDataGenerator: Read remote data sources (e.g. other sheets or SQL-Databases)
  • Integration with Atlassian Confluence to export test run results into Confluence WIKI-Pages (and Sub-pages!)
  • Export results to multiple Excel-Sheets (e.g. when collecting reusable master data like customer master records)


This is the version, that was released as first publicly downloadable version.


Version 1.1.5 includes additional features (collection of everything since 2020.05, including all 0.9.x and 1.0.x features and bug fixes):

  • UI for TestDataGenerator introduced in 2020.05. Reachable directly from baangt UI via cool new button
  • UI: changes to look even better
  • UI: Direct status information about the current test run, including TestSteps, TestStepSequences and log-display (via switch in Testrun-Details).
  • UI: Cleanup-Functionality: Clean files, folders, logs older than a number of days
  • UI: Stop-Button to stop a test run once it was started
  • Possibility to set a switch in TestRun-Details which will show log- and result-file automatically after test run was finished
  • Send test results automatically
    • via Mail (with/without result file as attachment)
    • to Microsoft Teams channel
    • to Telegram channel
    • to Slack channel
  • Datafiles: RemoteRead implementation to read data randomly from another tab in the same XLSX
  • TDG (TestDataGenerator): Additional features and settings, e.g. Faker-Integration
  • Statistics dashboard showing all your testruns, iterations, OK/NOK/Paused, durations, etc.
  • Switch from default browser Firefox to automatic detection of installed browser if now browser was defined. First we try to detect Firefox, then Chrome. If none of those two are installed you’ll have to download drivers yourself or set the browser to Safari.



While baangtDB is making great progress, we’re in the final touches to release Version 1.0 of baangt base.

New features:

  • Added more parameters for testruns in the new UI (e.g. BrowserZoomFactor)
  • test data generator for complex random and/or multiplying test conditions created
  • All test data from all test runs is now logged in a database. Additionally to results per test run you can compare results over time. Especially usefull when you have the local proxy server activated!




A huge step closer to release 1. Some minor functionalities still need fixing. May May be the release month!

New features

  • Brandnew UI! The pySimpleGui was great during the beginning of the project. As we mature, we switched to QT5, which looks really great.

    • No need to remember technical field names! Yeah!
    • All settings to customize a test run execution are now nicely arranged in the details screen
    • Katalon-Importer added a few usability changes (e.g. when you save, you’ll see this TestRun selected as default).
    • Browsers, Selenium Grid, etc. can be selected via Dropdown-Menu
    • Common BrowserAttributes (e.g. Headless) can be selected via Droddown-Menu
  • SimpleFormat: New command iban will create a random IBAN. Powered by Schwifty library.

  • SimpleFormat: New command pdfcompare compares a downloaded PDF-File with a reference PDF-File and reports differences. Works also well with parallel sessions.

  • All: Variable replacement using Faker module. For instance $( will generate a random E-Mail address

  • All: New flag to export all fields of TestDataDict to result file: TC.ExportAllFields = True

  • All: Web-Testcases: Screenshots automatically embedded to result file, not only as a link. Makes it easier to share results on a communication channel.

  • All: Support of Proxies and rotating Proxies (TC.UseRotatingProxies and TC.ReReadProxies)

  • All: Support of restarting browser-sessions after each TestCase execution (TC.RestartBrowser = True)

  • All: CL.* in Globals-File to overwrite standard classes (e.g. BrowserDriver) to custom classes.

  • Appium integration for Android and iOS App tests using Appium Webdriver (see in /examples/App* and globalsApp.json)

  • Subclassing: New commands to identify stale objects on page (HTML-Reload and SPA-Support)

  • Additional way to export data to Excel-Result (can be used for results of scraping) GC.EXPORT_ADDITIONAL_DATA in TestRun.additionalExportTabs. For each Tab you want created set up one dict with {<tabname>:<ExportDictContent>}. Headers = Fieldnames.

  • New flag to export all fields of TestDataDict to result file: TC.ExportAllFields = True

  • Web-Testcases: Screenshots automatically embedded to result file, not only as a link. Makes it easier to share results on a communication channel.

  • Windows Installer: baangt now works without admin rights on Windows10

  • Support of Proxies and rotating Proxies (TC.UseRotatingProxies and TC.ReReadProxies)

  • Support of restarting browser-sessions after each TestCase execution (TC.RestartBrowser = True)

  • Subclassing: Additional way to export data to Excel-Result (can be used for results of scraping) GC.EXPORT_ADDITIONAL_DATA in TestRun.additionalExportTabs create one dict with <tabname>:<ExportDictContent>. Headers = Fieldnames.


  • Improved browserDriver Download for executables (didn’t work in some cases)
  • Improved database logging of testrun results
  • Dramatically improved speed for reading larger Input files (got rid of Pandas for XLSX-Import)
  • Improved ease of subclassing for TestStepMaster.
  • Improved reaction to common errors on Webpages (Stale element, not accessable, etc.)
  • Improved handling of closed windows and tabs (when e.g. PDF-Download was activated)
  • Support to supply webelement in driver.javaScript() as *args
  • Added many unit tests, but still not full coverage


Summary: Release Candiate 3 is on the road!

New features

  • Executable files and ZIP-Archives for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu - no more GIT CLONE needed! Simply download, unzip and run.
  • Network logging during WEB-Sessions and export to Excel-Result in separate tab. Use TC.NetworkInfo with value True (tested on Mac and Windows, most probably works on Linux too).
  • baangtDB: Import and Export functionality for simpleFormat and complex XLSX-Testrun definitions.
  • baangtDB: Export also to JSON-Format
  • baangtDB: cascaded delete: Delete a test run and all it’s objects (unless used in other test runs)
  • baangtDB: Update testrun from XLSX (closed circuit between IT-Department and business department)
  • Docs updated with latest parameters
  • SimpleFormat: pause command added
  • SimpleFormat: address_creation command added to create a random address. Customizable. Multiple calls will create multiple random addresses.
  • CLI: New parameter --reloadDrivers=True downloads latest version of webdrivers for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Integration with Selenium Grid V4.0 and baangt. See docs for further details. Separate Repository for the Dockerfile


  • Reporting: Duration sometimes off by Timezone shift hours
  • Minor fixes for increased stability with Chrome-based browsers
  • Parallel executions on Windows work now, rewrote parallelism (local, without Selenium/Zalenium) completely to run with less resources. 10 parallel Firefox sessions on a single MacBook with 16 GB RAM works.


Summary: Web- and API-Tests XLSX-SimpleFormat are almost completed. Shouldn’t take much longer to have a production ready version.

  • Pypi-Version 2020.02.* deployed
  • First version of baangtDB with Flask (including Docker Container). No DOCS yet, as it’s still under heavy development. For an early preview you can navigate to /flask directory and execute ./
  • Support of Edge on Microsoft Platform and Safari on Apple/Mac
  • Completed support for Versions in SimpleFormat and SimpleAPIFormat (can also be used for baangtDB, subclassed methods and complex Excel TestRun Defintions)
  • SimpleFormat now with default locatorType = xpath. No breaking change. Just a tiny little convenience when filling in long Excel Testcase definitions.
  • Katalon Importer now creates proper data fields in data tab for simple format XLSX and refers proper variable (column) names in Teststep-Definition
  • Improved support for API-Calls and data extraction from API response to result sheet
  • Added logical comparison for IF-conditions, whether a field exists or not (using LocatorType and Locator). You can see an example in file BaangtDBFill.xlsx
  • Plugin structure for TestRun, ExportResults and BrowserHandling implemented. Example in separate repository If you subclassed those classes, you need to adjust the import statements (e.g. from baangt.base.TestRun to baangt.base.TestRun.TestRun)
  • Apart from exporting to XLSX it’s now also possible to export testrun results to CSV. In simpleFormat you can set parameter TC.Export Format to the value CSV. In baangtDB and full Excel format you can use Testrun property Export format


Very first public beta version. Not at all ready for production.

  • First version on Pypi (, Docker ( and GIT Repository (
  • Support for SimpleExcel and Excel format including some examples
  • Basic UI (interactive mode) and CLI (Command Line Interface with 2 parameters)
  • Methods for Web testing implemented:
    • SetText(If)
    • Click(If)
    • GotoUrl
    • HandleIframe and Windows (Tabs)
    • If/Endif
    • GoBack
    • simple comparisons (=, >, <)
  • Full support for Excel Data files
  • Experimental support for Katalon Recorder Import to SimpleExcel format
  • Very basic support to Export from Katalon Studio Projects (as subclassed modules)
  • Logs
  • Export result of TestRun to XLS including statistics, Timing information and analysis
  • Docs created, styled, revisited and stored on
  • Runlog: Additionally to saving execution information in a single Excel sheet for each testrun, also store information in a database for simple comparison of testruns between stages, days, endpoints or whatever else you want to compare. In this version only data storage was implemented. No reporting yet.