Integration with Selenium Grid V4

baangt has now integration with Selenium Grid V4.

Following the same logic as with integration of Zalenium and current version of Selenium Grid you can define your test cases and test data definitions in Microsoft Excel using simpleFormat, full Excel format, baangtDB or subclassed TestStepMaster.

The only difference is setting the Browser to REMOTE_V4. Of course you’ll need to provide address and port of the service in BrowserAttributes.

Ready for your own tests

Even if you don’t have a shiny Selenium Grid V4 Cluster on your own, you can simulate it using our Docker image. Just download the repository, e.g. by using git clone. Once it’s downloaded use make build and make run to build and run the container. vnc://localhost:5902 will grant access to the Desktop inside the container.


Step by step instructions on video

If you prefer to see a video with details on how to run and test baangt with Selenium Grid, head over to our youtube channel: