Future Features

We implement all features for 3 operating Systems (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu and Ubuntu on Docker).

Short/Medium term features

  • Improve template for TestCaseDefinitions
  • Better support for scraping
  • Improved reporting on test runs/Test cases, etc.
  • Improved handling of test data base entities (e.g. use-counters for each object)

Features for later

  • Asynchronous test case continuation after paused test case status (V2.0)
  • Double Opt-In Automation (so far no ‘takers’)
  • Proof of concept with PyWinAuto
  • Integration with SAP Gui Scripting via VBS and PyWinAuto
  • Improved support for Mass testing APIs
  • Katalon Importer/Converter as Webservice
  • Integration with Atlassian Confluence (for Testcase and Testrun definitions)
  • Better support for oData V4.0 (similar to SOAP)
  • Support for GraphQL via Graphene
  • Multi-Language interface (I18n)


So far whatever we do goes into the open source version, so there’s no PRO-Version planned currently. Also baangtDB, the big brother of baangt (WEB-Interface using baangt’s core functionality for larger corporations) is purely open source.

Nevertheless we plan to provide these services:

  • Consulting
  • Priority support
  • Testcase creation as a Service
  • Testing as a service