While working on TestCases we might need to repeat some TestSteps with a set of data and this data might be too dynamic or too much to use multiple fields (Quantity1, Quantity2, Quantity…). To provide a solution for this issue we have REPEAT & REPEAT-DONE activity tags, every activity between these two tags will be repeated as many times as there is data in the data source.

And to counter big & complex data structure we have RLP_ prefix which will take records written in another sheet, hence it will be much easier to enter and maintain data in separate sheet rather than within one single tab.


RLP_ is a prefix which is used in the cell of a data sheet. Its structure is RLP_(sheetName, lineReference=Number) here sheetName will hold the name of sheet where main data is stored. LineRefernce holds the header name of the column which contains Reference Number in target sheet, with the help of this reference number a list of data matching the same reference number is made, which is then looped inside REPEAT activity. We can even use RLP_ statement in a sheet previously targeted by an other RLP_ prefix. Hence, we can create nested data and the data called by another RLP_ data will become its child and the caller become its parent.

_images/RLP_Nested_Loops.png _images/NestedLoopsSheet.png

Here in image_1 inside RLP_ LoopDataExampleTab is the sheetName of the target sheet containing main data and line_reference is the header which we are looking inside targetSheet, you can also see the header in image_2 which is of targetSheet. Then the value of header is matched.

Like in first RLP_ data value of line_reference is 0, which means it will create a list of data matching same in targetSheet, in this case their are 2 matching data so repeat statement will execute one after another.


REPEAT tag is used in testrun file. It must be written inside “Activity” header and along with it, reference to the node referring to the data must be written inside Value tag. Format of node must be $(parent) (we have to replace parent with the header name where rlp data is stored).

In image_1 we can see “textarea2” is the header containing main data, so it will look like ($textarea2). Now, if need to use child node we can use $(parent.child) here child is the name of header of the sheet which is replaced by RLP_ prefix.

In image_2 we can see their is “input_text” header the sheet in image_2 replaces RLP_ data of image_1 so it will look like $(textarea2.input_text). This node will be replaced by the value inside input_text and a loop will start on all the matching line_reference.

And lastly we have a option to choose number of times loop is run. When we have a large number of data and we don’t need to run loop on all we can input number in value2 tab, then the loop will be run on the same number of randomly selected data. If we want to run loop on all data we can simply leave the value2 tab empty or put 0.

Also remember we need to use REPEAT-DONE at the end of the loop (i.e. from where we need to run again from the starting of the loop).

Please see below image for further reference.