There are various ways to install and use baangt depending on your requirements and setup.

Run the executables

Installing the executables for your operating system (MacOS, Windows, Ubuntu) is simple. Head over to select the archive for your operating system, download to your local computer and unzip.

In the new folder you’ll find baangt executable. Click on it and explore examples in /examples folder.

There’s also a video on Youtube: and an article with more background information in the blog:

Install from sources

Install sources from GIT (Please adjust to your virtual environment as per your preferences

git clone
cd baangt
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Install from GIT:

git clone
cd baangt-Docker
make build
make run

then use your preferred VNC-Client with vnc://localhost:5902. Unless you changed the default password, the password is password .

Install PIP-Package

If you’re planning to implement subclassing and you don’t want to contribute to this open source project you can also use the pip package:

pip install baangt