Why baangt and why is it open source?

baangt is a great product because it reduces pain on a daily basis. It’s fast, simple and available as open-source.

Fast, easy, free test automation can help people transform their lives. Literally! Think of all the testers, developers, DevOps, Project Managers and last but not least Users who are confronted with bugs on a daily basis. Not only new bugs.

Bugs, that have been fixed countless times. Bugs in functionality, that worked yesterday but doesn’t today. Nobody knows why, but now that it reached production we’ve to establish a task force, inform management, sales reps and maybe even customers.

That’s pain. And lost energy, that could have been used to create and improve instead of fixing an error and it’s side effects in countless systems within the sytem landscape.

Testing is undervalued. In parts because it’s crazy expensive, tedious and slow. Enter baangt. Enabling business users to actually record and create test cases and seamlessly run them on any environment (either by themselves or by their IT-Guys or both) helps to ensure rock-stable production environments.

Depending on the environment baangt can also easily be used to test on Dev, Pre-Quality or Quality-Stages and thus considerably reduce the cost of bugs. The sooner they are cought, the less effort on all sides.

Why open source?

Also to reduce pain. When you work with existing suits - once you get seriously started - they own you. Imagine you’ve invested 1 Mio USD into creation of Test cases and then it turns out, that a critical feature to complete End2End-Chains is not available with your current license model of your software vendor. What will you do? Throw it all and restart? Or pay them almost any price for a potentially small feature that they anyway had in the drawer from the last customer?

Right. Of course one needs to make a living. We all do. And of course efforts invested in baangt especially custom tailored functionality - are charged and are not cheap. BUT after all baangt is written in Python. There are millions of Developers out there who know and understand the language. Even if we’d get crazy with our pricing, you could always use the latest version of baangt, create your own fork and have a small team of east-asian guys implement whatever it is you miss. No sunken costs, no restart, no disrupted testing while you have to move 1000s of Testcases to a new software.

Built on the shoulders of giants

Building baangt from the scratch would take years and cost millions. That it exists and that it works so versatile is due to other great, dedicated people who supplied the building blocks. Of course there’s too many to mention but here’s a list of the most valuable components of baangt

  • Python3
    • Flask
    • PySimpleGui (again on the shoulders of giants like QT4/5 and Tkinter)
    • Requests-Module
    • BeautfiulSoup
  • Selenium
  • Mozilla Foundation (geckodriver, firefox)
  • PyCharm by JetBrains
  • Gogs GIT-Server