Handling of Browser Drivers

When you install baangt the latest version of Chromedriver and Geckodriver (for Firefox) are included. Depending on your situation you might need different drivers.

New release of browser drivers

As you work with baangt for a longer time your browsers might be updated. If you receive an error telling about wrong version of browser driver, you can simply delete the existing driver in baangt/BrowserDrivers/ and on the next start baangt will automatically download the latest version.

Alternative version:

If you start baangt with the following syntax from the command line, it will download the latest drivers (Chrome and Firefox) automatically:

`python3 baangt.py --reloadDrivers=True`

It will overwrite existing versions.

Older releases of browser drivers

Please download the release that you need from chrome and/or Firefox and replace the existing files in baangt/BrowserDrivers/ which the freshly downloaded, older version. After the next start it should work fine.